DATES: 20-21 May
VENUE: ACMI, Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne
TIME: 1pm–1pm (continuous)


Nat Randall (Team MESS, Hissy Fit) throws herself into a strange loop of framing and spectacle in this 24-hour performance and cinema experiment. As Randall repeatedly performs a single scene inspired by John Cassavetes’ cult film Opening Night, on-stage sparks fly. Starring opposite Randall are 100 different men ranging in age, background and acting ability. Through this repeated performative exchange, Randall aims to explore the trade of emotion, intimacy, chemistry and authenticity. Randall plays the role of silver screen actress Gena Rowlands, co-star and real-life spouse of Opening Night director John Cassavetes. Performing a single scene inspired by Rowlands’ original award-winning portrayal of Myrtle Gordon, an ageing theatre star on the brink of self-destruction, Randall takes elements of Cassavetes’ signature style and rewires them through live performance and simulcasts. Randall twists the auteur’s legacy for her own purposes – cutting across layered realities, smudging the line between acting and being, attempting to discover a space of enduring intimacy, en masse. Come for an hour, stay for the night – this is performance at its most epic, a complex game of fiction and reality. Audiences are invited to enter and exit the performance space throughout the duration of the performance and are encouraged to return multiple times over the 24 hour performance.


The Second Woman requires a diverse range of men to perform opposite Nat Randall in this 24-hour cinematic performance experiment. Are you a man with a desire to insert yourself into a performative Cassavetes universe? If so, please register your interest below. Each scene lasts no longer than 3 mins, with the whole experience totalling approximately 20mins. No experience necessary, all ages and backgrounds welcome. Each performer will be required to sign a release waiver on the day and will receive an honorarium of $50.


Each encounter goes for 20mins. In selecting a timeslot you may be rostered to any 20min slot within that 2 hour period. You may choose multiple options; please add additional notes into 'Specific Availability' if needed eg. available 5pm – 10pm. Following your registration submission, you will be emailed within the week to confirm your rostered time. In early May you will be sent an information pack including the short scripted scene, a waiver form and details of the performance. The waiver form will also be available for signing on the day, prior to participating so you need only to bring yourself.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email


Registrations close on May 19th. Following this you can get in contact with me by emailing You are also welcome to turn up to ACMI and see if there are spots available on the day.



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